The Mind Mechanics


To date, the definition of the mind is still vague. The mind’s complete function and purpose is dismissed, or completely neglected. Current scientific findings entail uncertainties, which do not satisfy the inquisitive.

During the course of 20 years or so, I have been researching, to understand about human beings, about emotions, behaviour and the overall reasons for existence.  I discovered that all that we do relates to our mind. Whether we are feeling good, bad or otherwise.

Through my research it was evident that the mind has the capacity to deal with every single issue that life can throw at us. The mind is our memory bank, everything that we are and everything that we do travels through the mind first.

Our mind responds to our emotional perceptions and reacts accordingly.

By utilising my own mind and discovering its knowledge, power and authority, I reached a greater understanding about the mechanism of the human being.

The fundamental aspect of my findings was discovering the role of emotion. It became clear that the mind is either driven emotionally or logically, depending on our personal attitude and behaviour.

Emotions can influence us from the smallest emotion to the most extreme emotion. Either way, this triggers some serious consequences. The mind reacts and influences the body according to the type of emotion expressed.

In any given situation, if we react with uncertainty it is immediately translated into a form of fear.  Naturally fear brings restriction, perhaps not visible restriction, it could be mental or psychological.  When fear manifests we react with weakness.  Weaknesses create an imbalance between our mind, brain and body.  It is then where we become vulnerable to all forms of debilitating restrictions.

Our communication skills have improved, we are more aware of the many medical conditions that can affect us. The prevalence of these conditions is on the increase and most have no known medical cure.

The logic behind these conditions or the general human structure made it clear to me that if emotion is re-directed to thought, the mind will indicate the strengths and weaknesses in the most rational way.

Therefore it is in developing an understanding why, where, what, when, who, and how the emotion evolved and setting it into reverse.

Every person that I have worked with to re-train from a medical condition whether minor, severe or complex, including those who are paralysed, all have shown that when there is determination it is absolutely certain that improvement will be made.

All conditions can be resolved with ease and that occurs purely by using our mind and by reaching a higher understanding about its true power. The continuity of expressing emotions appropriately enhances the state of our mind and secures our wellbeing.

The mind is what we are. We are creatures of emotion and it is only by understanding our emotional influences that we are in a position to bring balance of mind, brain and body and emotions, to work in harmony and objectively.

Inquisitiveness about the self creates the desire to learn more about the self.  All you have to do is make that sacred time of communication between yourself and your mind.  Begin to listen so that you can understand about your own creativity and natural ability.

Ultimately the answers to your journey in life lie within you.

Written by Hratch Ogali.


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