Let your mind go and your body will follow


This quote in the title is from the movie LA Story (1991). And it is very appropriate for the work that is done at the Mind Clinic. I just wanted to let you know a little more information with you about what the Mind Clinic does, by sharing some of our mental physical rehabilitation success stories with you.

 The most important thing to remember is that if you want to overcome your mental physical conditions with the help of the Mind Clinic, the responsbility is yours – you need to unlock the power of your mind, and then keep at it. The Mind Clinic can only help you to help yourself. Training your mind is a rigorous task and needs to be employed with discipline in order to halt and reverse a condition – the thought of recovery must always be at the forefront of your mind. I know that sounds like hard work but mind instruction is a way of life, but once you have learnt it, and stick with it, you can use it to overcome any problem.

 At the Mind Clinic, we believe that no matter your injury or illness, be it severe head injury, spinal cord injury, stroke, or Alzheimer’s disease, the consciousness is always whole and complete, and possesses the blueprint memories of our able-bodied selves that can be accessed for healing. However, all the negative attitudes and emotions that people pick up interfere with accessing these healing blueprints. For example, when learning that they have only six months to live, cancer patients often die within that time period because an authority figure has imprinted that expectation in their consciousness. This is where you need to use the power of your mind.

Ok so mind instruction is hard work, but there are plenty of people who have managed it. And you can check out these videos and stories below to see people who have achieved just this….

 For example, Guy Harris suffered from a spinal injury, when he was knocked over by a lorry crossing a road in Sheffield. He visited the Mind Clinic and started to undertake both mental and physical training. I have already explained the mental effort involved, but don’t underestimate the physical effort too  – think of your hardest workout in the gym, and then multiply it by at least 10.

But the hard work pays off, Guy is now noticing progress every day – more tension in the legs, more muscle mass, exercises that were hard becoming easy. According to Guy, key to this is understanding that to control our bodies we must first learn to control our emotions. Only through greater self-awareness can we achieve this.

 In October 2009, Guy learnt to control his legs and knees by stepping up and down. He builds up tension through mind instructions allowing the up-down action.  Check out the video here

And then, amazingly, in February 2010, he was able to walk, after being told that he would never walk again. He is now working on putting the heel down as part of the natural step. Here is the video

For full information on Guy’s recovery see www.myscirecovery.com

But it may not be about paralysis, it may be that pain is more the problem. For example, Alexandra fell off a horse playing polo and injured her back in 2002. She was in too much pain to walk for the next 6 weeks, and used a wheelchair, but gradually recovered. However, over the next five years she would get flare-ups of intense pain in her lower back, and down both of her legs. These flare-ups got worse and worse, and each doctor would put her on stronger painkillers. Alexandra became physically dependent on her painkillers and suffered severe withdrawal symptoms when she tried to stop taking them. 

She then decided to use mind instruction to take control of her own life. It took two weeks for Alexandra to get off all painkillers, become free from pain, and even to get a job. Coming from a scientific and medical background, Alexandra liked to have explanations for problems, and logical ways to fix them. But through mind instruction, she gained a deeper understanding of how the body works, and how to use the power of the mind.

 You can find out more patient stories here.

 If you have any questions about any of the work, or any thoughts, please put them in the comments box below. We would love to hear what you think.


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