Counselling and Mental Physical Rehabilitation


While most of the media talk at the moment seems to be about the World Cup, a lot of you have been talking about something very different in our Mind Central poll. So now you have spoken – thanks for voting. Here are the results of the poll to find out which therapy service interests you most. Interestingly the results were tied, with 50% of the votes for counselling and 50% of the votes for mental physical rehabilitation.

Here at the Mind Clinic we have to say that we completely agree with you. Both counselling and mental-physical rehabilitation are important to provide a completely holistic way to overcome any complication in life. However, one thing we would also point out is the importance of relative or carer support and management. This is something that is not often thought about – no one voted for it on the poll – but it is actually very important to ensure that everyone understands each other and that there is no room for miscommunication. To find out more about how these different types of therapy work together, you can check out the mind clinic. When you put these things together, and instruct your mind, you can accomplish anything.

If you have any questions about these different types of therapy, you can ask them in the comments box below.

Look out for the next poll coming soon!


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