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Self Discipline and Willpower

July 12, 2010

 Willpower is based on emotion. Discipline is based on the mind. Self-discipline and willpower must work in balance.

 Discipline is based on a natural action. We can discipline ourselves to sleep and wake up at a certain hour, discipline our mind to work in our sleep and discipline our mind to be active in our waking hours.

Discipline allows us to exercise our abilities where anything becomes possible.

When we have the discipline to have an open mind, we learn to observe the activity of our mind and to be mindful of the energy that is created, activity not only of our mind but also our brain and our body. 

 When discipline is achieved it becomes a habit. A habit of this nature allows us opportunity, a self-control that is vital to our existence.

Our willpower is our ultimate drive and applies to the physical world.

Of course we need to apply our willpower, which shall see us through all our experiences. When we exercise our willpower we change and become elevated.  

When our will is weak, we are susceptible and vulnerable, a vulnerability that comes from within, as if we intend to victimise ourselves and allow the self to deviate.  At times like this, we become stagnant in thought and develop a disinterest or discontentment towards all that surrounds us, which can manifest into guilt.

Objectively focusing on our mind enables us to learn about our self, our motivation, desire and the magnetism towards our willpower.  

We can develop our willpower by identifying and observing basic functions that make us do things for ourselves.  

The will to breathe is our starting point.  We can enhance our willpower by breathing objectively, meaning paying attention to the air that we breathe in and the air that we breathe out. 

When we are focused on parts of our body and breathe air into them they come alive, either relaxing or activating, you are paying attention to strengthen. When we breathe life into our actions our willpower strengthens. 

The deeper we breathe the calmer we become and the stronger we become. Exercising our willpower allows us to achieve the ultimate in all that we do.

When you breathe objectively, observe to see if your willpower changes. 

The application of willpower for us to achieve our objectives is extremely important.  It is our own effort, our own need, and our own drive. 

This willpower has to be directed towards our mind, instructing our mind  to behave and to create the necessary instructions to the brain to make us achieve our desires.

Applying our willpower together with our discipline allows us to communicate the changes that are needed. When our willpower and discipline is at its strongest, the mind reacts in such a way that creates change instantaneously.


The Mind’s duty

March 1, 2010

Throughout time the mind has been portrayed as something of a trickster. We blame the mind for our pitfalls and misbehaviour, as if it’s playing games with us. Yet on the other hand, we make positive statements about the mind and profess to its power.

We have the ability of thought and the power of will.  We make our own decisions and choose our own path.  Yet, it is the path of our “mind” that we should really be following.

The mind behaves in the most natural way.  The mind’s sensitivity, communication and knowledge are in tune with nature. We are a part of nature. We function within the laws of nature. Our mind is there to serve a purpose in its environment.  The control of our emotions and the understanding of our mind are central to avoiding our destructive nature.

The duty of the mind is to create the necessary reaction towards all issues that we encounter in our daily life for us to progress. The mind contains our ultimate source of knowledge where moment-by-moment experiences are recorded and stored. Our creativity, imagination, and source of power derive from the mind.

Our natural process is to use our imagination to create, based on the knowledge that the mind has accumulated.

The mind controls our instinct, which in its deepest form is the mechanics of our brain and body. We do not think how to see, but we see. We do not think how we move our limbs, but we move them.  This same process continues in everything that we do, as a matter of course.

We are also given a willpower that can influence the mind to create what is needed to fulfil the stages of our journey.  The mind holds the power and is the creator of all that we are and all that we do.  By utilising the power and strength of our mind we are able to achieve all our objectives.

The Master and the Servant

February 18, 2010

It is our own personal choice whether we seek empowerment from our mind or not.

At some point in life there will be a desire to know who we are, and why we are.

It is by utilising our mind that we discover our true natural abilities, all of which are vital to our presence in this physical world.

The minds duty is to ensure the preservation of the self. The mind is geared to heal the self and has the power to create that balance to sustain us.Our mind is influenced by our emotional needs, requests and demands, as well as our wishes. It is the minds duty to accept our instructions and react accordingly.

Therefore, it is imperative that our instructions to the self are appropriate, to create the desired influence.

The number one enemy to the mind is fear and anxiety. The mind takes control of the body and allows it to behave according to the fears present. Naturally, the manifestation of fears creates limitations and restrictions.

When emotions dominate they create weakness. Our weaknesses become exaggerated according to our imagination, which create an altered state of mind; this is where an unnatural behaviour ensues.

In simple terms, if we express sadness our mind will make us cry.  If we think we are tired our mind will shut our body down. All suggestions work in the same fashion, no matter how insignificant.

Naturally, the outcome of any suggestion is magnified depending on our imagination. The deeper the imagination the more severe the outcome.

It is through our mind that we see and experience. It is through our mind that we create.  It is through our mind that we evolve.