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Where do depressions take us?

June 11, 2010

 There are some widespread common conditions that in recent years have escalated out of control. There is no known medical cure for the majority of these conditions and as the medical professionals try desperately to find a cure, individuals are left facing uncertainty.

When all of these conditions are analysed, and having worked with numerous cases at The Mind Clinic, I am fully aware that depression can initiate a physical restriction. When we suffer any kind of physical weakness we develop the inner belief that the body has become restricted. Depression is the initial trigger to all of these physical symptoms that go on to be indentified through medical diagnosis as one of the many labelled conditions.

One condition that many young people are diagnosed with is ME . ME doesn’t have any noticeable physical weaknesses, but when the minds perception of the self is a weakness the instinct that controls every part of our body begins to dissipate.  The physical restriction becomes increasingly debilitating where the energy is completely drained from the mind and the body where the body refuses to comply naturally (instinctively) as the body’s conscious reaction has been influenced by weakness. Due to the lack of willpower this makes it extremely difficult for any individual to find a way out. 

The power of suggestion is in its extreme in these situations because these conditions are perceived to be a disease that grows and manifests from within. This of course causes further weakness.

Yet looking at it overall the whole idea of this condition is an emotional reaction to situations. Focus is lost to reopen the mind, to bring the natural freedom back to where it belongs.  Our natural instinct can be restored and activated when we apply willpower and refuse to accept any weaknesses.

These weaknesses derive from thought processes and manifest according to our imagination, they can become as restricting and as paralysing as the thought itself. 

 When we are in a negative place our negativity takes us further into the darkness or the unknown and magnifies. ME is simply cured by reaching an understanding and understanding the reasons for it and ways of overcoming it.

 Self-belief returns and the reversal of a behaviour or a belief will allow you to explore and utilise the opportunity to recover from any form of suggestion given by the medical profession or other Alternative therapists.


Excercise your anxiety or depression away

April 30, 2010

So we are nearing the weekend. The time when you might be tempted to overindulge – maybe get that takeaway on Friday night, or just sleep in until really late on Sunday. But if you suffer from anxiety, you might want to consider doing something a little more active in your weekend.

 You see exercise can be a really good way to combat anxiety and depression, and many other trials of life, and is something we really recommend at the Mind Clinic.

According to this article, last year the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (Nice) published its guidelines on the treatment and management of depression in adults – and recommended exercise. Nice examined research on treating depression with everything from water aerobics and ballroom dancing to running and walking. The conclusion was that an exercise regime of about 45 minutes to 1 hour, two to three times a week, has a beneficial effect and could be considered a good alternative to antidepressants.

So exercise is a good way to combat anxiety without the use of drugs, which is something we would really encourage at the Mind Clinic. With exercise, you can use the power of your mind to understand and harness any negative feelings.

But this doesn’t mean that you need to slave away at the gym. It is about getting active, and even a little bit of exercise, going out for a walk for example, as often as you can, can really help. There are also other things that you could consider such as the ‘green gym’. This ‘gym’ involves tutored groups taking part in nature conservation work such as pruning, planting and coppicing.  

The good thing is that excercising in this way is not just a short term fix either. Data pooled from many small studies suggest that in people diagnosed with depression or anxiety, the immediate mood boost is followed by longer-term relief.

Yoga is another exercise that can work particularly well. Yoga can help you to achieve physical fitness as well as mental wellness. Since ancient times, yoga has played a significant role in achieving better mind, body and soul.

 So next time you experience any negative feelings, it might be worth thinking about what you could do to get more active.

Depression Series #2: Daily minor depressions

April 19, 2010

Unfortunately, due to our fears and lack of understanding, we have misinterpreted a natural process and instead created a widespread labelled disorder.

Depression is an important part of our life that allows us to think.

All forms of depression are triggered by our emotions.  During this process we will find that when there is a feeling of incompleteness in the things that we do, the expectations of our self become enhanced. 

One of two things will happen in this instance, we will react either positively or negatively.  We will either make a greater effort to achieve what is needed to satisfy us, or we will find the process too overwhelming and enter into a dark and silent place.

Ultimately whatever takes place, we will remain in either situation until a new event or distraction takes place to shift our mood. Both examples are extremely common, which each and every one of us will go through on a daily basis.

When positive we are happy and contented. When negative we are miserable and discontented which we class as a depression. Yet, we must not have fears about these feelings. On the contrary, we must look at them objectively and try and benefit from every aspect of this process.

We must learn to welcome these negative feelings, as these are the building blocks of our creativity and imagination in all that we do, be it in our personal, occasional or social life.

We exist as part of a natural process. As in all cases, this communication is an extremely important part of our existence. All aspects of nature influence us and affect our emotions, which in turn provokes the mind to create a reaction.

This is a natural reoccurring process, a constant cycle that will appear either positively or negatively. After darkness there comes light. After light there comes darkness again.

We must remember to use our creativity to teach us about our self to reveal any hidden talents and memory relating to our own personal life and journey.

Other forms of depression that interfere constantly in our daily lives relate to discontentment.  All experiences in our life have left their mark in our memory. 

When discontented, we become preoccupied with our past experiences.

 When we become involved with the past it becomes a preoccupation that detaches us from our life and takes us into a depressive state, as if we cease to exist. 

This kind of depression can cause deeper difficulties.  We dwell on one thought and repeat the same thought over and over again, where it becomes a habitual behaviour. Usually these thoughts relate to difficulties or emotional traumas.

This process continues and if not addressed can affect our sleep. Just before entering sleep there maybe two or three thoughts that ignite, they revolve in a cycle, constantly repeating. The thought does not go any further but other resembling thoughts ensue, where our mind goes off in a tangent, where we never reach a conclusion.

All this relates to our lack of understanding about these kinds of thought processes. 

When there is a thought that goes into a repetitive mode, make it an objective to question, to come up with a resolution relating to the issue at hand, not just by looking at the repetitive event, but just understanding a reason or a purpose for it. This is where the mind enters into another area of analysis and calculation.

As you instruct your mind for an answer and command a resolution, you will discover that your depressions become more objective and produce better results. Situations push themselves through the mind to try and open a natural wisdom, which in turn help us reach these decisions and conclusions.

This is when we are in a position to begin to change a habit.  Of course, as with any new method it requires practice, and time and patience. However, once you become mindful that you need to know and you need to achieve you make a commitment to yourself and become determined to reach your objectives.

Our mind does not punish us, nor does it create these events to give us a traumatic time. Our mind does not play tricks or games.  Our mind helps us live naturally.  The mind works and teaches us how to deal with our emotions and minimise any discomfort or uncertainty.

Our mind is under our control and our communication. Our mind must be unemotional and unconditional, so we can understand. Then we are in a position to change any form of habit into a more productive and constructive behaviour.